Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Basil beef with bamboo shoot..กระเพราเนื้อสับใส่หน่อไม้

ground beef 100 g
bambooshoot 100 g
garlic 2 cloves
thai bird chilli 4-5
basil leaves 1/2 cup
2 tbs of oyster sauce
fish sauce 2-3 tbs
sugar 1/4 tsp

chop the garlic and chilli togerther
high heat the pan with 2 tbs of canola oil

fried the garlic and chilli until you sneez
add the ground beef into the pan

stir until the beef almost done
add bambooshoot

keep stiring until the meat cooked
add fish sauce and sugar and oyster sauce

add basil

stir until the basil soft

done ,serve with steam rice and fried egg

don't forget the big glass of water because it's very spicy.

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  1. I usually cook bamboo shoot for stir fries or with other veggies in coconut milk. But this one look so delish!!