Tuesday, April 16, 2013

French Macarons

for the macarons
make 9-10 pairs
35 g aged egg white
20 g sugar
45 g ground alnond
60 g icing sugar
gel color

sift ground almond and icing sugar set aside
beat egg white til foamy add sugar beat until firm peak
fold in almond keep folding
when lift the spatula up the mixture flow like lava

pipe the mixture on the baking pan lining with parchment paper or baking silicone
let sit for the skin to dry for the skin to dry about an hour

pre heat the oven at 320 F bake for 10 minute for the macarons to form the feet
then turn the heat to 285 F and bake another 7 minutes
let cool before peel from baking sheet

for the cream cheese filling
cream cheese 4 oz
butter 3 tbs
sugar 2 tbs
raspberry jelly

beat the cream cheese butter and sugar until incooperated,keep cool until used
sandwich the macarons with creamcheese and jelly


  1. Your macarons look so gorgeous! I love the colours and the look of the jelly peeking out of the middle!

  2. I am still absolutely terrified of making macaroons, but these look spectacular! Yum!

  3. raspberry macaroons are my favorite. these are so pretty!